Services and experiences that you only read of in books.  Terrible grammar faults since I am Afrikaans.  Every word is from my heart and that cannot be changed.

I am a Nurse for 29 years now.  I was once upset because I did not get a charge sister position when I was 2 years a sister, I knew everything about that ward that I was working in, even “the old hands/staff” came to me and asked advise on how to treat or to confirm a prescription.  A good 10 years later, I realized that being in charge is much more than knowing your job.  You have to have interpersonal skills – SKILLS!!!  You need to understand dynamics of business and harmony of people that is working for you.  It is not a power game or a chip on your shoulder statement.  Interpersonal skills, love, passion and being a human is what make a Charge Sister/Matron the best.  With that off my chest I will weekly start to blog something interesting and what you can learn (if you didn’t know it) from my experience.

O yes!!!  Experience comes only with time and being inquisitive when colleagues does things and you stand by.  Take every opportunity to learn and you will end up being powerful in your knowledge.  That is what your trademark, thumbprint and footsteps will leave when you move on in your life.

Enjoy the humor, sad and real life journey that I will take you on from today.  

“Walking the extra mile with a smile”

What is your slogan in life?

Keep an eye on my blog for for something of everything in life.  Also available on my twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account.


6 thoughts on “Home

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  2. Congrats on your blog. I look forward to reading more information.


    1. Good day
      Thank you for your comment.


    2. Thank you. I trust that you will enjoy the journey. Enjoy a wonderful day.


  3. En nou het jy een uit Kanada. Mis jou Mercia


    1. Ag Coleen. Ek mis jul sooo. Praat vreeslik baie nog v jou en Shaun. Jou kinders lieflik mooi. Xx


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